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Sector: Schools and universities

School magnets have become indispensable in school and university classrooms. Our horseshoe magnets and other AlNiCo magnets, in combination with iron filings, help to introduce your students to the world of magnetism in a playful way. The super magnets from our online shop will serve schools and universities not just as teaching materials.
We also carry practical reusable presentation aids such as magnetic symbols or durable whiteboards and magnetic boards. Thanks to magnetic force, you can save a lot of resources in the classroom. In addition, our assortment includes magnets for Design & Technology and needlework lessons, as well as useful display cases. supermagnete.at is your one-stop shop for everything. Take advantage of our wide range of products for schools and universities.

Individual consulting

Our English-speaking customer service is always there for you.

Popular magnets for schools and universities

Presentation aids for wallcharts and whiteboards

We carry practical accessories for the visualization of information during presentations in our assortment. The presentation aids in different colours assist you and your students during lectures that include a wallchart or whiteboard. When you use the magnetic symbols in a display case, you will draw visitors’ attention to the most important information.

Neodymium magnets for Design & Technology lessons

Countersunk screw-on neodymium magnets, countersunk pot magnets or pot magnets with a counterbore hole can be utilised for D&T lessons. When you use magnets for your projects, doors will stay closed as if by magic. With disc magnets, block magnets or rod magnets, various builds will hold together, game boards can become modular and keys or tools adhere to key racks or tool strips made by your students.

Neodymium magnets for needlework lessons

Using magnets for projects in needlework classes? Well, of course! Magnetic closures are a wonderful addition to sewn fabric or leather bags. Crafted necklaces or bracelets are held firmly together by magnetic jewellery clasps. Sew-in magnets, on the other hand, can be stitched into fabric as an invisible closure.

Magnets are not toys! Make sure that any magnets kept in classrooms do not get into the hands of children unsupervised.

Top-selling categories for schools and universities

Experiments & School
Exciting educational tools
Whiteboards, whiteboard paint & Whiteboard Sheets
For presentations and organisation
Office magnets
Strong noticeboard magnets and board magnets
Office accessories
Useful items for your office and desk

Discover our magnet finder! The magnet finder from supermagnete.at helps you search through our assortment. Find all the magnets matching the desired characteristic for your next project with just a few clicks.

Why supermagnete.at?

Huge magnet inventory

supermagnete.at offers a large selection of super magnets, including a wide range for your school or university. Our warehouse is geared towards long-term availability. Thanks to our inventory of more than 40 million magnets, we are generally able to deliver immediately and in large quantities.

Fair pricing

Our suppliers include various manufacturers who produce magnets of consistent quality. Since we buy in bulk, we can offer you an attractive price-performance ratio. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

Fast shipping

We attach great importance to the fast shipping of your order. Your delivery is checked twice before it is sent, packaged securely and shipped by Swiss Post or Lamprecht Transport AG.

Are you looking for professional advice?

Our customer service will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable magnets for your industry.

Current customer projects for the classroom

Additional information about magnets and magnetism

Do you have questions about handling magnets? In our online guide, you will find a large collection of FAQs, useful tools, glossary entries and magnet data.