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Pot magnets - cup magnets with super-strong adhesive force

Strong, compact and versatile. Those are the quality features of our neodymium pot magnets. They are suitable as cup magnets, magnet base, for outdoor mounting and many other applications. We offer many different types - from a countersunk pot magnet to a threaded magnet base, from magnet systems with rubber coating to cup magnets with ferrite magnets. In addition, you can order from supermagnete rectangular and square neodymium or ferrite channel magnets in various versions, allowing you to select the products that best fit your needs.
Please note: The full adhesive force of a pot magnet is achieved if the ferromagnetic counterpart is smooth, sufficiently thick and in direct and flush contact with the pot magnet.

Screw-on countersunk pot magnets
For fastening with a countersunk screw

Countersunk channel magnets
Fasten with a countersunk screw

Neodymium pot magnets with counterbore hole screw-on
For fastening with a regular screw

Magnetic hook nickel-coated & coloured
Hook magnets for hanging up objects

Eyelet magnets nickel-coated & white
Eyelet magnets for fastening objects

Pot magnets with handle
For easier removal of the pot magnets

Neodymium pot magnets with screw socket
Hooks, eyelets, etc. can be screwed into the socket

Neodymium pot magnets with threaded stud
Magnets with steel pot and threaded stud

Neodymium pot magnets with internal internal
Can be screwed together with objects with external thread

Neodymium glue-in pot magnets
Cup magnet for glueing instead of screwing

Suitable accessories for pot magnets

Nuts & bolts
Accessories for our pot magnets
Hooks & Eyelets
To screw into pot magnets
Perfect for our pot magnets and deep pot magnets
Screw-mounted metal discs & plates
Counterparts for magnets
Self-adhesive metal discs
To be glued onto smooth surfaces
Rubber caps & rubber discs
Skid and scratch protection for delicate surfaces

Features of pot magnets

These special products are a combination of a permanent magnet – more precisely a neodymium magnet - and a steel pot or a steel rail. The neodymium-iron-boron alloy provides the cup magnets with magnetic superstrengths, and they can reach high adhesive forces even at a small size or with a flat design. Since the magnets are embedded in the steel pot, their strength is concentrated on the adhering surface at direct contact, which results in especially high magnetic power. Hence, you can use pot magnets for mounting solutions that are extremely strong and discreet at the same time. Most pot magnets are round but there are also rectangular and square cup magnets.

Special features and tips

  • To protect the magnet and ensure maximum adhesive force, the magnet must not protrude from the pot. In practice, the magnet is slightly recessed in the pot, which may vary from magnet to magnet; but the adhesive force indicated in the online shop is guaranteed.
  • The indicated adhesive force is always measured perpendicular to the magnetic base. The cup magnet is significantly weaker on a wall as opposed to a ceiling due to the displacement force. The adhesive force of a rubberised magnet system is much higher in the shear direction because it increases with friction. However, the tensile load-bearing capacity is slightly lower.
  • Depending on the application, there are various mounting options: Neodymium pot magnets with a drilled hole, thread (internal/external thread) or threaded stud (magnetic base) or glue-in cup magnets.
  • Ideal counterparts for pot magnets are simple countersunk metal discs, which we also carry in our online shop. These can be mounted to non-magnetic surfaces such as wood, plastic or drywall with a countersunk screw.
  • For the protection of delicate surfaces, we recommend rubberised products. Alternatively, you can also purchase separate rubber caps in different variations from us.
  • You can find various hooks and eyelets in our online shop which you can screw into a magnetic base or use as a replacement part for eyelet magnets.
  • Neodymium cup magnets are only suitable for indoor use. For outdoors we recommend rust-proof ferrite pot magnets.
  • All products have the same pole on the adhering surface, which is why they cannot be stacked on top of each other; but instead align themselves next to each other.
Other characteristics and details are listed in the FAQ about pot magnets.

Applications of pot magnets

Versatile industrial use: With the help of strong neodymium magnets, you can implement simple, sturdy and flexible mounting solutions in the areas of plant construction, interior design, booth construction and shopfitting, kitchen design and furniture manufacturing.
In addition, you can use pot magnets at home, for hobbies and recreation. Do you want to hang small or large, lightweight or heavy objects on ferromagnetic surfaces in a way that is durable yet modifiable? If so, you can purchase a suitable pot magnet with hook, eyelet or even a carabiner.

Large selection of magnetic bases and cup magnets

You can find the right pot magnets for your needs in our online shop - in many different sizes, shapes (round, rectangular, square), models (various hole and thread sizes) and adhesive forces from 1,3 to 130 kg. Take advantage of our scaled pricing for larger order quantities. Would you like to order pot magnets for large jobs in exhibition stand construction, for mechanical engineering and construction, or a carpenter’s workshop? Please contact us for a rebate.