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Gift ideas: Our personal favourites

The best gift ideas are often things we like ourselves. After all, we want only the best for the recipient – something original, reliable, nice, and practical! In this spirit, our supermagnete staff share their magnet favourites with you.
You can find more gift inspirations in our gift finder.

Patricia Meier, Customer Care
"I like gifts that are useful and offer the recipient added value. These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone, and many also have a car. That’s why I love to give the magnetic mobile phone mount for the car as a gift. It can be easily inserted into the air vents on the dashboard, and even technically inexperienced people can attach and utilise it without any tools or the like. With the holder, the user can - if necessary - keep an eye on their phone while keeping their hands on the wheel."
Kay Stenschke, Software Engineering
"(Christmas) cookies, crackers, crisps or your favourite muesli – these treats won’t get any fresher in an opened bag. Our Tütenhüter bag clips offer a very simple solution. Perfect, because I like useful and durable gifts best of all. Simply slide it on, and the bag is sealed air- and watertight and keeps food fresh for a long time. Extremely practical at home or in your bag when you are on the go.

Tütenhüter bag clips always make a great gift and are my tip for a Secret Santa present."
Daniela Hungerbühler, Team Leader Purchasing
"Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves travelling and values sustainability? Then I have a gift idea for you: the soap set 'Traveler'.
There is now a wide range of solid hair shampoos and shower gels available. These are especially perfect for air travel with only carry-on baggage. The soap can be safely transported in the box from our set. At the lodgings, the magnetic suction cup holder can then be used to attach the soap in the shower stall, eliminating the need for a tray and allowing the soap to dry all around."
Tonja Murer, Team Leader Customer Care
"Since I have a dog myself, I know that other dog owners also appreciate gifts for their four-legged friends. After all, you only want the very best for your furry companion.
The 'Alunet' shade net reflects 80 % of the sun’s rays, so the dog can wait for a short time in the car if necessary – with the windows open, of course.
The shade net is versatile and also a useful present for friends who like to go camping or have a garden."
Denis Dubief, Customer Care
"Luckily, my father and brother-in-law are DIY hobby enthusiasts. So it’s never difficult for me to give them something that is both useful and will be enjoyed.
We carry many products in our shop category 'Workshop' that are perfect as gifts. There is also a DIY bundle containing five super-practical gadgets. With it, the gift recipient will quite literally have everything well in hand when it comes to screws, nails and bits."
Ilaria Petarra, Customer Care
"When you hold the magnetic board made of slate you notice right away that this is a high-quality product. It is classy and rustic - a very interesting combination!
You can never be wrong with such a timeless present. Put your picture on it - that adds a personal touch."
Mirco Schlatter, Team Leader Customer Care
"I like to give things that are fun and that won’t make you lose interest anytime soon.
These rod magnets and steel spheres are a good example: you can assemble all kinds of shapes with them. It never gets boring because as soon as you get your hands on the magnets, you intuitively start playing with them and almost can’t stop. There’s even something slightly meditative about them.
Incidentally, these sculpture components make a great gift for someone who already has everything."
Sandra Perdigao, Customer Care
"A cup of coffee in the morning brightens your day. I was so happy when we added this fantastic coffee mug to our assortment. It is made of porcelain and has a silicone ring to protect your hands from burns while enjoying a hot beverage. The mug also has a built-in magnet that allows it to adhere to the included coaster.

Now my loved ones can enjoy their coffee or tea on the train, in the car or at the office without having to worry about spills. A truly valuable gift that will be enjoyed for a long time to come."
Barbara Lehmann, Customer Care
"The magnetic trivet in the shape of a van is the perfect gift for all camping fans. As a stylish fridge magnet at home, it reminds us of our adventures travelling in the van and is always within reach when a hot pan needs to be set down. Especially practical: when you are out and about, it can be attached to the outside of your parked vehicle and kept handy in your outdoor campsite kitchen too."
Julien Mariller, Software Development
"It happens to all of us: You have misplaced the key again, but you really have to get going and don’t have time to look for it... With the attractive key rack made of pear wood, your searches are finally over. House, car, bicycle and cellar keys all find their place on this practical holder and will always be within reach.
I give this key rack as a Christmas gift because I have it at home myself and can grant top marks. In addition to this key rack made of wood, there are also those made of stainless steel – so this gift can be perfectly matched to the style of the recipient’s furnishings."
Steeve Christen, Software Development
"This whiteboard is perfect for travelling with children, as tried and tested by my family! Since the whiteboard markers are easily erased, children can continue to be creative on the board and have fun for long periods of time. Now, long car trips or boredom at the restaurant are (almost) a thing of the past! The included numbers and letters also help with learning through play. A wonderful gift to put under the Christmas tree this year."
Marianne Gerhard, Customer Care

"Cat lovers will quickly find what they are looking for at supermagnete. My house is home to my two cats, Max and Moritz, as well as numerous magnets with cat motifs.
I also like to give these adorable magnets to other cat lovers as gifts. And, since refrigerators are rarely magnetic these days, I find a magnetic bar to be the perfect addition to complement the magnets. They are also great for attaching a gift card – for a cinema ticket, cat food, or an invitation to afternoon tea or coffee, kitty cuddles included."
Manuela Müller, Content Management
"All the children I know love the MagNICI magnetic plush toys because they cling to everything and spread a heavy dose of cuteness. But psst … I have to tell you a secret: Instead of giving away the magnetic animals I bought, I kept one or two of these adorable critters for myself. They adorn lampstands in my flat and hold postcards on a magnetic board.
Luckily, our MagNICI assortment includes a large selection and is constantly expanding, so when it comes to the kids, I am always the one with the cool gifts. I am already well prepared for next Christmas. Which magnetic animal will be your children’s favourite?"
Nadja Ciresa, Customer Care
"We use the silwy sets on our boat and have already given several sets as gifts to our camping friends. The pads can also be used without the glasses to attach hook magnets or notes. A product that is all-around fun.
For true connoisseurs, the glasses are available in crystal glass. Though for our fishing boat, the plastic glasses with the look of an elegant facet cut work just as well."
Sabine Meunier, Customer Care
“I find magnetic bars to be a nice and practical small present for friends and family. There might not always be room for a magnetic board, but there will always be a suitable spot in every home for a narrow magnetic bar.
And everyone knows the problem, that you can never find your notes, shopping lists, appointment cards etc when you need them. But, all of these important things can be attached to a magnetic bar and kept in one place.
I will give my son such a magnetic bar as a present, so he will be able to hang up his homework, appointments and concert tickets.”
Rosalba Fabiano, Office Management
"These days, many fridges are no longer magnetic, which eliminates a place that was used to quickly hang up postcards.
When I came across photo ropes, I instantly liked the idea. I will get a photo rope for my beloved sister so she can hang up postcards and family photos.
What I like best about it is that it allows for a versatile room decoration. The little magnets that come with it are surprisingly strong."
Martin Albert, Quality Manager
"Gold is not magnetic, diamonds are not magnetic, bitcoins are not magnetic. But the treasurer hunter is ingenious and I will give it to some friends to look for treasures in the lake instead of sitting in front of the computer all day. Who knows, maybe they will find some silverware or other useful household items that they can sell on eBay. But then they're back on the computer again ;-)"
Patricia Gebhardt, BI Management / Marketing Assistance
"Never tie shoes again? Zubits® makes it possible! Once laced, the magnets close your shoes securely and reliably. With the various sizes and colors you can find the fitting closure for any shoe.
Zubits® are a practical gift for everyone who can't or don't want to tie shoes. Also, I like to give a gift that doesn't collect dust in a corner but is really useful."
Stephan Kirsch, Head Online Marketing
"A brilliant gift for all creatives, visionaries and of course families with children. The whiteboard paint transforms any wall or surface into an oversized doodle board.
It's not just kids who will love to let their creative juices flowing and draw on the walls. Combined with a base coat of magnetic paint, you can easily integrate magnets into your piece of art or strategy concepts.
Simply put: A must-have gift for young and old."
Pablo Schläpfer, Head of IT
"Even though the Tangram cube is well suited for children, they are not the only ones interested in it. With the enclosed challenge cards you can build different shapes. That is not always as easy as it looks at first. It can't hurt us adults either to train our spacial sense!
Therefore, this 3D Tangram is a gift for all ages, especially for those who are into magic cubes and other logic games."

Anja Rosebrock, Customer Care
"Whether you want to highlight a holiday memory or a picture of a beloved pet - this picture frame accentuates every photo. It is elegant and fits in nicely at home. Currently, the photo of my cat Diego embellishes my desk at supermagnete.
Last but not least my gift idea: Put your own photo into it, package it nicely and give it to a loved one, such as your partner or parents."

Martina Birchler, Customer Care
"I know exactly to whom I will give the wooden cube set! To my 8-year-old godchild, she will love it. Wood is a great material, the cube is timeless, and it stimulates creativity.
The next question is: What do I get my other four godchildren? But in our category gift ideas, I am sure to find something suitable for everyone."

Darien Stutz, System Engineering
"I will get the fan fin for my football-crazy friends. It looks sporty on the car and is a good alternative to the Hawaiian lei that you often see on rear-view mirrors.
And it doesn't always have to be football. You can use it for other situations, such as a bi-national wedding. Why not put the fan fins of the two countries on the limo?"

Piera Forleo, Customer Care
"These unique wooden vases are real one-of-a-kinds with a fair price-performance ratio.
The best about it is: Thanks to the embedded magnet and a metal disc as a counterpart, the vase stands firm and securely on any tablecloth, which helps to survive big family gatherings.
These vases are tasteful, timeless and great for surprising someone."

Hans Schoor, Customer Care
"This knife block is a great gift for my father. He likes to cook and will be happy to have his knives handy. Also, storing them this way protects the good knives; they often get banged up in the drawer.
The block is available in two different types of wood, but I like the nut wood the best... Actually, it would look good in my own kitchen as well!"

Sylvia Hegelbach, Office Manager
"For Christmas gifts it is especially fitting when they support a charitable cause. Our entire profit of the MadagasCar cars and planes will be donated to a Children's Fund in Madagascar.
I like that the iron sheet fridge magnets are all one-of-a-kind. It also shows that they were made with much love for detail. The little cars and planes are a definite eye-catcher on the fridge and of course a great gift for fans of old-timers."

Janine Stahn, Customer Care
"The sparkling Swarovski stones make this deco magnet classy and very fitting for Christmas time. For real Christmas fans there is even a star version - perfect for hanging up Christmas cards on the fridge.
My tip: The diamond magnets look their best on a dark background. Since women like a little sparkle, it is a nice present for your sister, girlfriend or mother."

Yann Gaillard, Purchasing
"Christmas and mulled wine? Sure. But have you tried grilling in the winter? Invite a few friends and try it out. While the grill heats up on the balcony, you can have a cold beer inside and a little bottle cap throwing contest with the beer tree. Cheers!"