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Magnetic wedding decoration

On the big day, everything should be just right. Design your wedding decoration to match your personal taste. This not only saves money, but you can also perfectly coordinate all of the decorations. Place cards, name tags, car decoration – all that and much more can be made with magnets. We will show you how. The best thing about it: once removed, the magnets will not leave unsightly marks on formal wear or the vehicle.

Save the date magnets

The wedding date is set? Send 'save the date' cards! The invitation will often adorn the fridge or magnetic board of your guests. So why not send magnetic cards to begin with? In our customer project Save the Date Magnets, we have put together detailed instructions on how you can create magnetic cards.

Magnetic badges

Which magnets are best for making magnetic badges for your guests? We answer this question in our guide. There, you will find specific product recommendations for creating custom badges based on the thickness of guests’ clothing.

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Important: Guests with pacemakers must not wear the badges on their chests. For more detailed information, please refer to our guide page on safe distances to magnets.

Personalise the name tags for your party to suit your individual taste. Our customer made creative badges on a 3D printer and then added magnets. In this example, the bride and groom were big motorcycle fans, and the badges were meant to reflect their passion.

Magnetic buttonholes for guests

Similar to the name badges, small festive flower arrangements, so-called magnetic buttonholes, can also be attached to expensive suits or dresses without causing any damage.

Magnetic place cards

Magnetic place cards are a good idea for an outdoor wedding. They can be attached to a napkin or glass and will even withstand a gust of wind.

Tip: After your guests have found their place at the table, the place card can be worn on clothing as a name badge.

Magnetic car decoration

The wedding car for the happy couple is meant to look especially beautiful. A clever solution is to attach car decorations with magnets. This way, flower arrangements can be placed where desired, and you don’t risk scratching the car paint.

Tip: At the destination, you can remove the floral arrangement and use it to decorate the ballroom.

Wedding ring storage with magnetic closure

Magnets can also be used to store wedding rings in style until they are exchanged during the ceremony. Our customer crafted an elegant wooden sphere for this purpose and added a magnetic closure.