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What do I need to know about using magnetic tapes and sheets?

Table of Contents
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Areas of application

Magnetic tapes and sheets are used on ferromagnetic surfaces. Here are some suggested applications :

Proximity to other magnets

Magnetic tapes and magnetic sheets can lose their magnetisation in close proximity to magnets. Therefore, always keep a distance of at least 30 mm between neodymium magnets and tapes/sheets during use, storage and transport. For ferrite magnets and tapes/sheets, we recommend a minimum distance of 10 mm. You can find additional information on required distances in the table below.
Consequently, please keep in mind that you cannot attach any magnets to magnetic tapes and magnetic sheets. Suitable surfaces for magnets are self-adhesive ferrous tapes and metal tapes. Our decorative magnetic boards or metal strips are also perfect surfaces for magnets.

These minimum distances between the various magnet types need to be maintained during use, storage and transport:
Ferrite Neodymium AlNiCo Tapes and sheets
Ferrite - 22 mm 10 mm 10 mm
Neodymium 22 mm - 43 mm 30 mm
AlNiCo 10 mm 43 mm - 10 mm
Tapes and sheets 10 mm 30 mm 10 mm -

Adhesive force

For calculating the adhesive force of magnetic tapes and sheets, please read the following FAQ: How strong is the adhesive force of a magnetic tape and sheet?

Working temperature

Temperatures below -20° C and above 85° C damage the structure of magnetic tapes and magnetic sheets. It causes the products to permanently lose part of their adhesive force. Therefore, do not use them in places with extremely high or low temperatures.

Self-adhesive magnetic tapes and sheets

Several of our magnetic taps and sheets are self-adhesive. Our FAQ about self-adhesive products provide helpful information on these articles.


Tapes and sheets can be stored at room temperature. Make sure the surroundings are dust-free and dry and do not bend the products. Sheets and tapes do not lose their magnetisation without external influences (neodymium magnets in close proximity, temperatures over 85° C and under -20° C).

Outdoor use

Magnetic tapes and sheets don't rust, so they are also suitable for outdoor use. However, exposure to UV rays can make the material brittle and crumbly. You can expect having to replace the material from time to time.
For the self-adhesive magnetic tapes as well as the self-adhesive magnetic sheets MS-A4-STIC and NMS-A4-STIC please consult the FAQ about self-adhesive products.


Edges of magnetic tapes and sheets leave black stains. That is especially true for cutting areas. Unfortunately, this cannot be prevented. Therefore, use caution on light or delicate surfaces. You can easily wash stains off your hands with water.

Chemical characteristics

  • Material: Elastic rubber with embedded magnetised strontium ferrite powder (Features of ferrite). Since 2016 we also offer some tapes and sheets made of neodymium (Feature of neodymium).
  • Pollutants: All products are compliant with RoHS directive
  • Chemical resistance:
    Problem-free: Water, alcohol, standard detergents, climatic influences. Problematic: Acids, oils, hydrocarbons
  • Coating: (Where applicable) Coloured PVC

Physical characteristics

  • Magnetisation: anisotropic or isotropic
  • Surface hardness: Shore D35 (equivalent to Shore A85 - A90)
  • Max. flexibility: At 20° C room temperature rollable up to 12,7 mm diameter
  • Density: 3,3 - 3,6 g/cm3
  • Workability: Handling with machines and standard cutting tools
  • Working temperature: -20° to +85° C